We can offer you the most innovative and complete PLATE MOUNTERS on the market suitable for printing sleeves and cylinders.


Entry level mounter

A completely configurable mounter with 2 autofocus cameras, to match all the repeats.

It starts from a basic manual mounter, and can be upgraded up to the fully motorized version.

Fully motorized mounter

2 autofocus cameras and fully motorized configuration, with a sturdy mechanical structure with 36 mm iron side frames.

Microdot mounter

This plate mounter is equipped with hi.res. cameras, with fixed focus, designed for microdot mounting.

Automatic plate mounter

The automatic plate mounter from SysTec, with the smart

I-TABLE, that manages the automatic positioning of the plate.

Fully automated plate mounter

Total Human Exclusion!

The operation only requires the user to load the stack of plates on the loader… and that’s it!



Table-top plate mounter

NARROW is our table-top mounter: disegned to support narrow cylinders (shafted or shaftless) and/or sleeves


For mid-size flexo

The MIDI plate mounter is a MID-SIZE plate mounter, with floor structure, designed to support narrow cylinders and/or sleeves with a sturdy self-standing structure (it doesn’t need the table for tabletop placing).


The machine is equipped with a proof drum, for dry proof on paper. The main drum is designed to use the mylard / plastic sheet for plate support. The rotation of the drums is provided by torque motors with electronic servodrivers, that allow the possibility to have a proof with 1:1 ratio. The software interface, really user-friendly and amazing, allows the possibility of drawing the box shape on the proof drum, through an easy “wizard” interface. Moreover, it is possible to manage any layout file, including vectorial files or graphical and repro files. The machine is equipped with 2 autofocus color cameras 270x zoom (up to 8 cameras in option) and all our best electronics solutions: STAR HT camera movement with motors, that permits the reading method for the camera position without connection of mechanical parts. VIRTUAL IMAGE system CORRUGATED VERSION, for the managing of the graphic files and for the simulation of the 3D PLATE EFFECT. Software PHOTO-SPLIT with multi-language interface. With recorded positions and this virtual image assistant, you can now quickly confirm the new plate is in the same position as the original, secure the plate and get back to the press with faster start-up and with less waste.


The machines are based on the Virtual Image, a valuable software solution that we provide with EVERY mounter, and it is the core of the machines.

This solution is very unique in that it allows the user to record the position AND a visual image of every mounted plate.

You not only have an XY position of the mounted plate but also a “picture” of the plate in that position.

For example, let’s say you have to remount one plate in an 8 color job. Previously, you would take more time to manually mount the plate and hope to be as close as possible to the original…and hope to have limited waste due to re-registration efforts.

Now, Virtual Image allows you to bring up an image of the originally mounted plate and with adjustable translucency, superimpose the new plate being mounted over the old plate.

With recorded positions and this virtual image assistant, you can now quickly confirm the new plate is in the same position as the original, secure the plate and get back to the press with faster start-up and with less waste.



The ideal solution for anilox cleaning

The power of laser beam removes all types
of dirts, such as inks and coatings.
Laser cleaning is the most sustainable
cleaning technology method, since it doesn’t
require any water, chemicals or granulates.


The ideal solution for plate cleaning

The exceptional cleaning quality that distinguishes the new machine is the result of the combination of two technologies: rotating brushes and traditional horizontal brushes with alternating motion.


We can offer a wide range of ancillary machines for flexo printing with the goal to control the total workflow of printing sleeves.

The right way to store the printing sleeves

The Sleeve Storage Systems is the right way to store the sleeves, in vertical position.

In this way the TIR is preserved for a perfect printing quality.

Automatic mounting-tape dispenser

The SYS-AUTOTAPER is the new revolutionary automatic mounting tape dispenser.

New life for old machines

We can retrofit old plate mounters and also old press with newest technology

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