We can offer you the most innovative and complete plate mounter on the market suitable for printing sleeves and cylinders, for working width from 800 mm to 2500 mm.


Available a wide rage of plate mounters for:

– wide web flexo

– narrow web flexo / labels

– corrugated cardboard, preprint / postprint

We can offer a wide range of ancillary machines for flexo printing with the goal to control the total workflow of printing sleeves.

We have revolutioned the standards!

A disruptive technology

The machines are based on the Virtual Image, a valuable software solution that we provide with EVERY mounter, and it is the core of the machines.

This solution is very unique in that it allows the user to record the position AND a visual image of every mounted plate.

You not only have an XY position of the mounted plate but also a “picture” of the plate in that position.

For example, let’s say you have to remount one plate in an 8 color job. Previously, you would take more time to manually mount the plate and hope to be as close as possible to the original…and hope to have limited waste due to re-registration efforts.

Now, Virtual Image allows you to bring up an image of the originally mounted plate and with adjustable translucency, superimpose the new plate being mounted over the old plate.

With recorded positions and this virtual image assistant, you can now quickly confirm the new plate is in the same position as the original, secure the plate and get back to the press with faster start-up and with less waste.


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