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Produits en vedette

Manzoni Seriana 31 + 3 col.

Category: Flat satchel paper bag making machines

NEWLONG 128T + 505TH-4 + 603

Category: SOS paper bag making machines (twisted handles)

Curioni sun master 540 – year 1998

Category: SOS bag making machines with twisted handle unit

Newlong 127T+505TH-7+603

Category: SOS paper bag making machines (twisted handles)

Bimec slitter STM 56 of 1998

Category: Slitters

ACOM Variant V12 – Laminator

Category: Laminators

Maf/Orion 4 col. flexo

Category: Flexo

OMET TV503-21 + G&P  EP2060EVO  

Category: Napkins machines

Sunhope SBH 450-7HD (twisted handles)

Category: SOS paper bag

Newlong 9026 1-2-3 plies

Category: SOS paper bag making machines

Newlong LNHL 610  – 6 col. flexo

Category: Flexo

Moller RW 800 K

Category: Roll winding machines

Ofem Arena Gearless flexo 8 C.I +1 col.

Category: Flexo gearless

Pasquato sheeter LTM

Category: Sheeters

Cavalleri sheeter 1000 mm

Category: Sheeters

Carint Gemini 6 col. C.I Flexo

Category: Flexo

Manzoni TCT sheeter 100×120

Category: Sheeters

UTECO Coral 675 RR Mod. 140 – 6 col C.I Flexo

Category: Flexo

Flexotecnica Radios 824 – 4 col. flexo

Category: Flexo

Flexo group RMF 6/100 6 col. stack flexo

Category: Flexo


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